Louis Zamperini & Me


Above:  Louis Zamperini, John Naber and Billy Graham in June 2011.

Upper Right:  Robert Duvall, Louis Zamperini and John Naber holding Mr. Duvall's Oscar in October 2011.

Lower Right:  Louis Zamperini and John Naber traveled together across the country, and many times jointly spoke to groups including veteran's associations, corporate groups, schools and churches.

Below:  Louie and John enjoying the Hawaiian sunshine just before the event on the USS Missouri.

Louis was very proud of being a Trojan.  He happily wore his USC hat in public and private, and was quick to hug any fellow Trojan.  During his remarkable athletic career as an Olympic runner, by his endurance on the life raft, and with his resilience at the torturous hands of "the Bird" during WWII, Louis' life exemplified the "Fight On" spirit. Amazingly, his impact on other people continued as he grew older.  His example inspired thousands to be better people, myself included.